Deep Town – October 18th update discussion from developers

January 31, 2018

Hey Folks, lead pickaxe designer here at team Rockbite!
I wanted to share some thoughts on how far we’ve come with Deep Town and where we’re headed in terms of story!

(Also what to expect in October 18th update, which is NOT yet the 10th expansion)

It’s been already 7 months since Deep Town was first released, and we had an amazing community of players to play it from day zero. If you are with us for quite some time, then you’ve probably been through everything! From Awkward tentacles of Coal Elder to Hot Depths of Magma Guardian made of obsidian. Our animation department had a lot of fun with elders. Amber Elder and his creepy leg twitching, funny bottom movement of Uranium Elder stuck in an atom bomb.
We had blast designing each expansion and trying to deliver a new one every month.

As you have probably guessed already your bots are an intelligent nodes of a Von Neumann probe. Yet unaware of what they are, they managed to dig a hole in the ground hundreds of kilometers deep, and built a giant tower on top of it. They are on the verge of new discovery, as after magma zone 9 we reach the earth core. We didn’t see too much iron so far, but the earth core is certainly fully iron. So when we reach the iron core it will be end for digging the earth any more deeper.

But, while crafting is fun, digging is one of the core gameplay mechanics of Deep Town, so we were thinking a lot on how to “solve that”. When 10th zone is ended, you will have a big closure to the main story arc. You will learn all you needed to know about fate of humankind. But the story will continue, as our bots will venture to the depths of cosmos to mine asteroids and pursue a much bigger goal that is not yet apparent! This will be the biggest expansion yet, and will take us some time to make it. We plan to take about 2 months to make it.

Meanwhile a holiday season is kicking in.
If you’ve been a careful reader you probably noticed that Deep Town bots know a lot about human culture, they just don’t know why. And as major human holiday season comes to pass, the minds of bots change accordingly. Exactly on October 18th, 00:00 PST, the Deep Town Halloween event will kick in, with it’s spooky vibe! It will be open for all players starting zone 2. But it’s NOT a new expansion, as it does not unlock more depths to dig. Instead it gives your bots some time away from digging to have more fun! We’ll introduce more crafting recipes, more items, and more quests. Most importantly it unlocks something cool that we thought you may really like. Most of you hate the slow offline mining, and we thought to give you an item that will increase it by whopping 50%. All you have to do is to participate in Halloween event and finish the questline. With some easy additional quests you’ll also get crystals along the way!

Let us know what you think on this reddit post or in facebook comments.

We hope you’ll love the event, and others that come after. All of this, while we work hard on delivering major Zone 10 update, some time later. Keep Digging!

Rockbite Games developers.